IX Trooper Carrier Squadron

North Africa -1943
Sicily – 1943
Naples-Foggia 1943-1944
Rome-Anzo - 1944
Normandy – 1944
Central Europe – 1945
Rhineland - 1945


Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky
January 1942 to November 19

Sunnyhill Park, England
November 1943 to September 1944

Chantilly, France
September 1944 to June 1944

Bad Kissingen, Germany
June 1945 to December 1945

IX Troop Carrier Command
52nd Troop Carrier Wing
314th Troop Carrier Group
50th Troop Carrier Squadron

The 9th Air Force began as a tactical wing off the 8th Air Force. By the end of the war the 9th was almost as large as its parent force.    


A World War II Flight Surgeon’s Story documents Dr. Lamb Myhr’s experiences as a flight surgeon during WWII when the Army Air Force was still a new frontier. Dr. Myhr’s contributions were as varied as they were unprecedented as he worked as a pioneer in aviation medicine. During the three years he was involved in WWII, he served in two theatres ‘keeping them flying.’

With too few doctors available, his position encompassed being the pilots’ confessor while he evaluated the pilots’ psychological balance after they returned from a frontline mission. Because of his skills, Dr. Myhr was assigned to a specialized unit that put him directly in the line of fire. He also served as a health inspector, took his turn caring for the survivors of Dachau Concentration Camp, attended injuries in rest camps and delivered civilian babies.

From information learned during personal interviews with Dr. Myhr and through his private letters, the reader learns about the intelligent, warm and caring man who excelled at his job and made a difference during a difficult time in the world’s history. When young men were needed and patriotism called them to do their part in the war effort, Dr. Myhr stands out as an example of the statement that ‘every man counted.’